MIKE MALARKEY - Writer/Performer/Composer/Director

Mike is an accomplished writer/director/music producer/improviser living in Los Angeles, California. He directed, co-wrote, and scored the critically acclaimed web series Young Couple as well as other online shorts and web series. He trained in Chicago at Second City Conservatory, The Annoyance, and iO Chicago where he also performed on a number of house teams. He has written music for Tyga, Lil' Wayne, and Robin Thicke; is an award winning remix artist; and worked as a musical director at The Second City in Chicago.
instagram: @malarkeymalarkey
twitter: @malarkeymike

Favorite Weird Al Song: "Foil" from Mandatory Fun


DANIEL SHAR - Writer/Performer/Director

Daniel Shar is a Chicago-based comedy writer/performer who loves this project more than just about anything/anyone he's ever touched. When not swooning over this, Shar has contributed to The Onion, co-created the web series "We Have To Move," and performed solo sketch comedy shows at Comedy Central Stage in LA, SF Sketchfest, SOLOCOM NYC, and several more festivals across America. His other credits include Phat Beethoven (New York City Sketch Festival, Chicago Sketchfest, Charleston Comedy Festival), Winter Formal (iO Chicago), Out Of Character (The Playground Theater), and Listin Up (Upstairs Gallery). For more: www.danielshar.com 

Favorite Weird Al Song: "Headline News" from Permanent Record: Al in the Box

MARTY SCHOUSBOE - Director/Animator

Marty is an accomplished improviser, writer, and director living in Chicago, IL. He was the final set of trusted eyes and ears of Weird Copcept Album. He animated the videos for "Pair of Mics", "Yeah, But Daddy", and "This Ain't Some Kinda Game". Marty has worked on a number of projects and most recently directed the feature film "Party Time Party Time" which is currently on the festival circuit.

Favorite Weird Al Song: "Harvey the Wonder Hamster" from Alapalooza